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Postby TOverby » Sat Feb 07, 2009 6:15 pm

As many of you now know Doug Pettibone has made the choice to leave Lucinda's band, Buick 6. We sincerely appreciate all that he contributed to Lucinda over the last few years- both as a great guitar player and as a friend. I expected that this news would bring a lot of disappointment among Lucinda's fans but Doug's choice is something he needed to do and it will prove to be a very positive change on all sides. We wish him only the best in his future endeavors.
That being said I am thrilled that Doug's departure is the only change within the band and we are very excited to have found a terrific guitar player and just as importantly, a perfect fit within the band. But before I mention his name and resume I want to say that the way we are looking at it is that we lost one guitar player but are gaining two, as this change will allow Chet (aka The Chet) to step up and take a more prominent role within the band.
So without further ado, the new guitar player is Eric Schermerhorn who has played with Iggy Pop, David Bowie, was a member of The The and most recently toured and recorded with Seal. He has two sons named Wolf (as in Howlin') and Django so that should tell you about his influences.
The new band has been rehearsing for the last two weeks not only helping Eric get up to speed, but really digging into the songs and coming with up with some new arrangements etc. The things that I have heard are sounding incredible and very fresh. While certainly not to take anything away from Doug, there is definitely a new energy within the band and the chemistry between Chet and Eric, as they have been working out some new dual guitar parts, has been remarkable.
The band was able to give a little sneak preview performance this past Weds as part of Grammy week. Lucinda was asked by the music photographer Danny Clinch, who shot all the photos for Little Honey, and WWT. He and the two other photographers being honored were each asked to pick an artist reflected their work and Danny chose Lucinda and Daniel Lanois. Lucinda was originally asked to do one song and she chose "Fruits Of My Labor" which Mr. Lanois sat in on steel guitar, and really sounded great with a fresh arrangement. At the last minute the Grammy Foundation people reached out and asked if Lucinda knew the Rod Stewart song Every Picture Tells A Story because they thought it would be the perfect song to end the event with. At first Lucinda said no she didn't know it and couldn't do it, but ended up going out to rehearsals on Tues night, the night before the performance, and decided to see if she and the band could work it up. Within in a hour they were just smoking on it so she said --wow,we gotta do it. which she did and just rocked the house. It was a great night and Lucinda and everyone was really excited about how the new band sounded, including a couple of longtime Lucinda fans who managed to make it down for the event. I think it's safe to say that Every Picture Tells A Story might just might make some appearances in the upcoming shows.
And to those wondering about Buick 6 -yes Eric is very excited about the B6 and I think you will see a new and improved and fine tuned B6.
So I hope all of you will understand that this going to be a very healthy change and and continue your wonderful support of Lucinda in '09. We truly think this new line up going to be something really special -and if the 2 songs earlier this week are any indication it will be.
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Postby tntracy » Sat Feb 07, 2009 7:29 pm

Sounds great, Tom - I for one am looking forward to the upcoming tour. While Doug will certainly be missed, change presents opportunities for new & exciting musical directions - opportunities that are apparently being explored. I can't wait to hear Eric, Chet & the rest of the band perform with Lu later this month!

Thanks for the update - your efforts to keep Lu's fan base "in the loop" are much appreciated.

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Postby Lefty » Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:11 pm

Bring. It. On.
"Often things you think are just beginning are coming to an end." - J. Dos Passos
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Postby fuji81 » Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:34 pm

I'm thrilled that Chet,David,and Butch are still along for the ride. Welcome to the family Eric. If Lucinda's happy, I'm happy. Sad to see Doug move on, but this change should make for an interesting, and creative tour. Count me in.
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Postby TOverby » Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:57 pm

Thanks for pointing that out because if i didn't make it clear up above, Lucinda is very happy -she was beaming the other night after the two songs.
Don't get me wrong-- she was very sad to see Doug leave, but she understood that if he wanted to move on - it was just that time -she's seen it before a time or two
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Postby dr winston oboogie » Sun Feb 08, 2009 3:41 am

Really sorry to hear that Doug has moved on, but understand that life just does not stand still, as you said above Doug did contribute much to the band and the Lucinda experience and without doubt will be missed.
However we now have something new a fresh to look forward to and I am sure everyone welcomes Eric into the fold to add his unique stamp to Lucinda`s music, I just hope we get the chance to witness for ourselves in the UK before too long.

Again thanks to Tom for the info, as this came right out of the blue over here, as in effect, apart from one or two noteable exceptions, this is practically the only source of Lucinda information for us.

In closing, Doug...thank you for the music and good luck.
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Postby Rainydayman » Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:41 pm

Well, all right. Welcome aboard Eric. And best wishes, Doug.
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Postby Rainydayman » Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:48 pm

.......and with any luck I'll be driving you guys around at Bonnaroo this year. Tom, please ask for "Luke in Artist Transportation."

I'll take excellent care of you.

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Postby stevarino » Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:41 pm

I see that Ray Lamontagne is playing at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati on Saturday April 18. Surprisingly (to me at least) all the good seats are gone. I may just have to get a single ticket and check out Dougs new band. I've listened to Ray's music a few times but don't really like it that much, but I love watching and listening to Doug play.
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Postby Rainydayman » Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:51 pm

Oh so Doug left Lucinda to play with Ray LaMontagne? Cool.
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Postby JBird » Sun Mar 08, 2009 1:07 pm


As a member of the last website "fanclub", I hate to come out swinging here as my new intro to all you guys, but...

Went to the Wellmont last night.

I don't know who you people saw last night, but the Buick 6 I saw left me longing for Doug from Note One.

I've seen them all, and I mean them all. Albert King, BB King, Buddy Guy, EC, Garcia, Keith and Woody (a pair that Doug and Chet were so flatteringly compared to in a review and you won't see that with Chet and Eric), Lanois, Nils and on and on. I put Doug with those guys as a Journeyman and Guitar Player-both in the Studio and on the Road. I’ve been On The Road for 30 years.

While it's nice to see Chet stretch his wings a bit more (and I'm guessing that need was part of Doug's beef...), this guy Eric-(Iggy Pop and Bowie?)-is NO DOUG. Maybe you should take a hint from the fact he's from New York! I also didn't hear any Hubert Sumlin (The Wolf's Guitar Player) or Django influnce from him.

The Blues ('cept for Chet stepping up to try and close the gaps) have been sucked right out of the Music. I was left musically drained by the end of the show.

Let's not forget what Doug did in his 8 years with Lu, being given free reign to weave his gorgeous Blues/Country Tinged solos and riffs through Lu's lyrics. I don't think this guy has what it takes to do that.

People who go see "The Dead" with Warren Haynes are seeing a different energy, but as great as Warren is, he ain't no Jerry.

I know you want to be Politically Correct where Eric is concerned, but C'MON! He can't shine Dougs shoes.

"Blue" was the Vocal Highlight, and while B6 was rocking, change is not always for the better, even if it has to be. It was a great show. Eric, however, left me less than impressed.

To read what people are saying about this guy (people who never heard Jimi's "Angel" before last night-NEED I SAY MORE?) is not something I'm going to give credence to. They are obviously lacking in their experience and musical range required to comment at all.

I think Lu should have spent a little more time searching for her new guitar player. This guy may bring new energy, as you guys are insisting. OK. You had to replace Doug. I don't think you did a good job.

You should have had Lanois sit in with the band, temporarily, until she found someone more suitable. U2 and Emmy Lou Harris, Willie Nelson's "Teatro" and more, Lanois could have made me not miss Doug. You want to put Iggy Pop and Bowie's guitar player up against those three Entities as relevant to Lu's music? The Music that Doug left his indelible stamp on?

Lu's happy? Bet she would have been happier if Doug had stayed.

It's gonna' take A LOT of new material to make me forget Doug, let alone not miss him.

"New and Improved and Fine-Tuned B6"???? C'mon Tom...
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Postby Rainydayman » Sun Mar 08, 2009 4:36 pm

.......meanwhile, Doug was on Saturday Night Live last night with Ray. Ray sounded good. I could barely see Doug.
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Postby Hot_Blooded » Mon Mar 09, 2009 2:27 am

I have to agree with JBird, even though it isn't a nice thing to say. There is definitely something missing without Doug's playing, and while I am not musical expert by any means (aside from appreciating good stuff when I hear it; I for one did not know the Hendrix song either, but I don't think that means I know nothing about good music) I can tell this as well. It was a good show, but the band is clearly not as solid without Doug, and with Eric it felt like the band overcame Lucinda rather than complimented her. There wasn't as much soul and passion, and the blues numbers did not feel like blues numbers. Then again, maybe he's still getting his footing and will improve? I doubt it, but it's possible.
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Postby visions » Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:18 am

I was absolutely a fan of Doug's...I'll remember for a long time standing dead in front of him at Irving Plaza watching him shred on World Without Tears night. But we all have to move on, if the band and Lu need to grow and develop things must change.

The new band's sound is a bit smoother and maybe more organic in my opinion. Eric relies a lot less on the effects pedals. Righteously, which was a base for Doug to solo gloriously from in the past now has a more cohesive flow. If the band sound was a soup (if this analogy makes sense), the Doug version of the band was a spicy Thai soup, with sharp bursts of chile. The new band is more a gumbo, the spiceness is still there but now incorporated a bit more in the overall mix.

Basically, I miss Doug a bit less than I thought I would while listening to the new B6. It's not as if the new band doesn't rock.
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Postby blureu » Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:09 pm

Doug was on Saturday Night Live this past weekend since he's now with Ray Lamontagne.

You can watch the two songs here: ... 57401.html
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